"If you don`t like Jazz,
maybe music`s not what
you wanna hear..."

Joshua Rifkin, a noted Jazz publicist.



I not only "like" Jazz, I’m deeply in love with this music. It’s my vital point since I turned 15. That’s why I am grateful for every occassion that allows me to communicate through this medium with musicians I appreciate. I call these moments conversations, "Talks"... "Jazz-Talks"
[Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Sextet]-Talks


As a matter of fact, to use both words, "Jazz" and "Talks" is a pleonasm, since the word "Jazz" has its origin in french slang. The meaning of the verbs like coser, jazzer' translated to english is "to talk". As at the times of famous Storyville in Nouveau Orlèans a musician stepped in, the folks assembled cheered him like: "Hi buddy, jazz quelque chose", what meant "Hey, just tell us something, talk, talk..."


Therefore I also use the slangy spelling of a plural of "talk", "talkz", with "z" in the ending instead of "s". It fits so perfectly to the context of our informal conversations as we "talk" within this idiom we all love so much! So enjoy some moments of my talkz with my friends through the given links to YouTube!